What Happened to Caribana?



#weareCaribana™ is the prevailing hashtag that speaks to the pride of ownership of such an important rich and cultural milestone in the City of Toronto, Canada and the world. The hashtag speaks to the Caribana™ Arts Group inception of the cultural expressions gifted to the city through Caribana™ and extends to every person who today, appreciates the inherent contributions of Caribana™

It may not be understood that Caribana™ is a trademarked name and organizations are NOT authorized to use the name without the expressed consent of the Caribana™ Arts Group. The City of Toronto describes Caribana™ in the consortium of “large-scale, annual cultural events, such as Caribana™ (1967), the Toronto International Film Festival (1976) and the Toronto Downtown Jazz Festival (1986), which give definition to the cultural calendar and attract many thousands of people on an annual basis1”. Still today, local and visiting patrons from all over the world are thrilled to be “coming to Caribana”. The unfettered, consistent will of patrons “coming to Caribana” (i.e. the grand parade) speaks volumes.

The City of Toronto provides grants to not-for-profit organizations which play a major role in Toronto’s cultural economy. This is Caribana™ ’s place. Title is not transferred through funding, management or sponsorship and the Caribana™ Arts Group asserts its perpetual and infinite tenure and commitment to the Caribbean community. The significant legacy of commitment extends to the preservation of the carnival arts and our legacy will continue through our focus on our youth and the continuation and protection of the various art forms. The grand parade is only one expression of all that is Caribana™ and we challenge you to explore and enjoy Caribana™ as it was set out by the founding members of the Caribana™ Arts Group.

#weareCaribana™ – yesterday, today and forever